11 Hardest Dog Breeds To Breed

All dogs are working, that’s a fact! But there are some dog breeds that are more difficult to raise and educate,

Because their characteristics and personality are more stubborn and independent, meet some breeds in this article!

11 Hardest Dog Breeds To Breed

1-Toughest Dog Breeds: Beagle

At the top of our list of toughest dog breeds, the beautiful Beagle is rebellious, and one of the best sniffers, but a hound is always a hound,

Ignores commands and rules whenever he thinks he should, and a Beagle is always a Beagle, when he wants something he never gives up, even if you don’t want him to!

2- Komondor

This giant that was affectionately nicknamed “the mop”, has an exotic and striking appearance, is a herding dog from Hungary.

It is a very difficult dog to keep because of its coat, imagine a dog that the coat becomes Dreads and he lives on the farm curling up in the bush

This coat takes time to maintain, it can’t be brushed and shaving would not make sense, why get a komondor if it’s for shaving?

3- Afghan Hound

This beautiful, slender dog is at the bottom of the Canine Obedience Ranking, they need more repetitions to learn commands and are quite stubborn

However, this does not mean that he does not learn, using good training methods with patience it is possible to train him yes, in addition,

Keeping this coat beautiful is a lot of work, daily brushing, bathing the pet and frequent hydration are important so that it doesn’t get destroyed by so many knots.

4- Shar Pei

These cute and fluffy dogs are not for inexperienced people, they say these dogs are aggressive and some really are.

But the difficult thing even with this breed is body handling, baths, brushing, ear cleaning, application of medicine, nail clipping, vaccines, and handling in general.

It can be chaos because this breed hates body handling, remembering that every rule has an exception! They also often have skin problems.

5- Canary Prey

Another giant on our list of the toughest dog breeds. This magnificent and immense dog is not for everyone either!

In addition to being big and strong, the Presa Canário is temperamental and its level of aggression is higher with people and other dogs and animals

A guard dog to really frighten, the point is, to have a copy you need to have experience, secure structure, and responsibility with the dog, with your family, and with strangers!

6- Dachshund

This little terrorist is very famous and is spread through the homes of Brazilian families who are surprised to realize how stubborn and determined this little dog is.

As a puppy, it has a sweet and delicate face, but when it grows it shows that it has personality, it is not the best breed for children.

And it’s one of the dog breeds that bite people the most according to zoonosis statistics!

7- Most Difficult Dog Breeds: Labrador

This little being is happiness in the form of a dog, everything is fine for him, as long as he is interacting with his family and playing horror,

With anything he sees ahead, the hardest part of owning a Labrador is keeping him busy and playing with things he can play with,

Without destroying or scarring the entire house with its presence, this is not a good breed for someone who works all day and doesn’t have time for it.

8- Most Difficult Dog Breeds: Patterdale

A temperamental and difficult-to-educate dog, the Patterdale is an AKC-recognized terrier, a very efficient hunting dog, full of energy, stubborn,

It needs a lot of activities and has the aggressiveness, used to hunt wild boar, and when it catches it doesn’t let go!

It is not recommended for apartments or very small houses, it will not cope well if left alone for a long time and bored.

9- Bulldogs

Bulldogs are cute, loving, playful, and extreme companions with people, really passionate,

However, they are difficult dogs to keep, for two reasons, first, they are extremely stubborn and ignore you if they want to, even if they are trained,

Second, because of their poor health, they are brachycephalic, cannot play and run for a long time because they do not regulate their body temperature well,

They certainly can’t be raised just in the backyard because they can die on very hot or very cold days.

10- Border Collie

A breed that enchants for its beauty and intelligence, but whoever catches it is surprised by its intelligence and disposition,

Because this one is connected to 1000w and is really a challenge for traditional families who take the breed for being enchanted by its intelligence

But maybe they don’t know or underestimate its infinite energy, it’s a dog that needs to have enough daily activity, challenges, and exercises so that it doesn’t develop behavioral problems!

11- Hardest Bonus Dog Breeds: Lhasa Apso

Were you surprised? Well, the Lhasa Apso is a very temperamental and anti-social breed, usually sought after by people who want a cuddly dog ​​for their children and to socialize in the park,

But they are surprised to notice that he doesn’t want much interaction with the world, and can be hostile to unknown people who force approach,

They don’t like children and other dogs very much unless they are more used to it! They can impose themselves in varied situations where they feel uncomfortable or disrespected!

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