Boxer – A Great Companion

The Boxer is a great companion for an active, fun family with children, it is a dog that does not save faces and antics, children have a lot of fun with these dogs, let’s get to know him a little more:


Our friend and companion Boxer comes from Germany, it’s a not very old breed, from the 19th century.

By crossing the extinct Bullenbeisser which was an aggressive bull-biting dog, widely used for hunting wild boar, deer, and bears.

Some say that the Bullenbeisser was crossed with the English Bulldog, others believe that these crosses were made with other breeds of the Mastiff type.

The undeniable result was a strong, courageous, energetic, and elegant dog, thinner than its ancestors and with a developed chin.

Boxer – A Great Companion

Its creation was not focused on being an aggressive breed, since its inception, breeders prioritized its docility and natural protection of the territory.

A curiosity is that its name came from the most traditional game of the breed, they get up and punch you with their paws, hence the name Boxer!

They are undeniably boxers par excellence!


The Boxer has enviable size, rich in muscle definition while being slender, tall, and imposing, it is a dog that really attracts looks wherever it goes!

Its ear is large and drooping, which gives the impression that its head is larger, its tail is of normal length and should not be cut.

The coat is short, flat, and very shiny, the accepted colors are: Fawn or brindle with a black mask, the white color is not accepted in the official breed standard.

And the height of the withers varies from 53 to 59 cm for females and 57 to 63 cm for males and the weight +- 25 kg for females and males over 30 kg.

“Boxers” Behavior

It is a very active breed, playful to the extreme, with very affectionate children, and very, very funny, I have never seen a dog with such a high capacity for being fun as the Boxer.

Search for “funny boxer” on Youtube and spend hours laughing at the videos, who hasn’t seen the memes on the internet with the boxer faces? And the clumsy way that it’s impossible not to find it funny!

Another characteristic of this breed is the passion for racing, release your young Boxer in a protected park and you will see your dog run like there is no tomorrow and no limits of territory;

Run away from him and you’ll see him madly coming after you and jumping for joy (not to mention running over) when he catches up with you in a few milliseconds.

But don’t do it in times of strong sun, as it has a very short muzzle, this dog cannot handle physical exercise in the heat due to difficulty breathing, and may have hyperthermia, or lack of oxygen in the brain.

Take a walk and exercise daily, but at cool times, offer ice, frozen fruits, fresh water, and lots of shade in warmer seasons!

Boxer A Great Companion

This dog is a family dog, wonderfully docile with all members.

Despite his large size, he “needs” to stay indoors as well, being part of the family constantly.

Anyway, it’s not healthy for them to be raised only in the backyard, not only indoors, it’s best to have a balance between the two.

Is The Boxer Also A Guard Dog?

Despite this docility, the Boxer is also a great guardian, balanced and reserved with strangers.

Its appearance commands respect and its prognathic bite is very strong.

Naturally, the Boxer will bark and try to protect its territory from invaders, however, if it is trained for this purpose, it will perform much better.

You will learn what to do, how to react, and how to deal with your insecurity;

No bad guy will like to enter a field with a Boxer trained to guard!

Anyway, the Boxer is a great companion at the same time that it is a great guard dog!

Boxer In Dressage

Speaking of training, the Boxer is certainly very easy to learn, despite being in the 48th position in the canine intelligence ranking.

This is due to the fact that they are very childish so clowning and pranking for him are stronger than submitting to all orders given.

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