Educated Puppy – 6 Tips To Educate Him

To have an educated puppy, the family needs to dedicate a lot and educate them from the moment they arrive home.
Remember that dogs are not born knowing what human rules they must follow, we need to be fair with our dogs.
With that in mind, I brought six tips that will help you keep your puppy educated and balanced:

Puppies Under 60 Days Old Must Stay With Their Mother And Siblings!

We have a video just about this tip that is so important, if the breeder wants to give you the puppy in less than 60 days, don’t accept it!
Well, in this period he will have the most important learning for dogs, the base or imprinting of the puppy is everything for his adult life,
At this stage he learns to communicate with other dogs, can better recognize himself within a pack, socializes with other dogs, and learns to respect the mother and siblings,

Educated Puppy – 6 Tips To Educate Him
Since when you cross their limits, they correct you, for example, when you bite too hard and hurt your brothers!
If he stays in the litter for between 60 and 90 days, he comes much more socialized and with much more controlled biting play!

For An Educated Puppy That Doesn’t Destroy, Toys Are Needed!

Enrich your puppy’s environment, provide toys for him to interact and have things to do!
Think that he needs to gnaw and needs to meet his instinctual needs, it’s as much a part of the dog’s life as water or food,
so research on environmental enrichment,

Don’t Hit Your Puppy If He Misses The Place Of Pee And Poop

It seems silly to say this, but puppies are not born knowing where they should go, it’s not fair to attack them if they make a mistake,
because even humans who are rational wear diapers when they drink because they need to develop and are educated to use the toilet, with several bugs and bed wetting during childhood!
The puppy is no different from human babies, they need to develop to handle the needs and be educated to use the bathroom in the right place!

If every time he makes a mistake you hit him because he thinks he’s a prank, he’ll understand that it’s wrong to relieve himself in front of you and he’ll hide to do it… which makes everything worse!
So be patient and teach your puppy the right way, there is a lot of information and even courses about it on the internet!


For An Educated Puppy, Socialize Him With All You Can!

After vaccinations, allow him to interact with people, dogs, cats, various animals, sounds, and situations, always being careful not to traumatize the puppy.

To socialize him before vaccinations, it’s nice to talk to a trainer to guide you on how to keep your puppy safe and healthy!

Don’t Encourage Unwanted Behaviors In Your Puppy, He Will Grow Up!

Think of a big dog jumping on you, crazy with happiness when you’re in a suit or dress, all dressed up or ready to go to a wedding!
If this is bothering you, don’t encourage your puppy to jump when he’s 3 months old and cute, I know it’s hard to resist, but be strong!
Because the behaviors you stimulate when he is a puppy will be immortalized for adult life, making it much more difficult to correct!
This goes for jumping, biting games, sleeping in bed, etc.

Worry About Teaching Your Puppy The Right Behavior, Not The Wrong Behavior!

When taking a puppy for your family, you don’t need to be correcting the wrong behavior all the time,
Understand that he doesn’t know what is right or wrong, no more repeating the mantra: “he knows he did it wrong”The dog is an animal that was introduced to the world of humans full of rules that are non-existent in the wild,
so believe me, your puppy doesn’t know what you want!

If you focus on punishing the wrong, you will be unfair and you will be punishing an innocent animal that doesn’t know the right way!
So focus on reinforcing the right behavior and making it clear what you want!
Teach the puppy with intelligence and not with force, that’s being a leader, that’s being fair, it’s you as a rational being who speaks your dog’s language,
making him understand and learn what you want and start to shape your behaviors to get your attention,
And don’t live in fear of breathing because you don’t know if you will be punished in the next step!

I hope it helped you with these tips, be sure to comment below and share the article on your networks!

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