How can dogs improve human life?

Dogs are, without a doubt, people’s best companions. Altruistic, with overflowing empathy and devotion to their owners from the first day to the last, dogs can improve our lives in countless ways.

We have chosen to present the most important of these to you, so that you can love your dog even more than you did before or, why not, welcome a pet into your heart with open arms? Here are the ways in which you will benefit from a relationship that, we guarantee, you will never forget.

How can dogs improve human life?

What are the types of utility dogs and what do they do?

First of all, we want to reveal some of the secrets of service dogs, to better understand how much intelligence a trained dog can have. Here are the main groups that dogs can fall into when they are used as utility dogs.


When fate robs a person of the ability to move or feel certain things, companion dogs appear on the scene, specially trained to serve a disabled person. Specifically, companion dogs are trained to compensate for any locomotor, auditory or visual deficits of a person in distress.

These dogs can learn to guide the blind, alert the hearing impaired when certain sound signals occur in the home, such as the doorbell, telephone, fire alarm or someone shouting, or retrieve objects for people with movement problems. In addition to all this, companion dogs will provide the affection, companionship and emotional support that disabled people so desperately need.

Of all the dog breeds, labradors, golden retrievers, and german shepherds are the ones that fit best into the role of companion dogs.


Police dogs

Police dogs are service animals that belonged to state institutions and structures, dogs that served in theaters of operations, in missions of the army, the police, and other structures of the state.

Police dogs can find victims trapped underground, are trained to recognize the smell of drugs, and participate in detective missions. The best breeds for police dogs are the Malinois and the Belgian Shepherd.


Other ways dogs can improve our lives

Returning to dog breeds bred only for companionship, it is good to know that the presence of a dog in your life can bring you some benefits that cannot be ignored. They are listed here in order of importance.

Increasing self-confidence

The fact that dogs’ love is unconditional can help boost your self-confidence. Your dog will show you affection even on days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed. In society, the presence of the dog will help you interact more easily with others, perhaps even starting a discussion about its sometimes annoying habits.

Your relationship with your dog can be auspicious even in relation to co-workers if you choose to take it with you to the office. Once you’ve got management support, a Friday can turn into the happiest you’ve ever experienced at work with your dog.


Reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases

As many studies have shown, simply petting a dog will help you reduce a lot of accumulated stress, which will work directly on your cardiovascular tension, which will calm down. Long walks with your non-talking friend on a leash will have the same effect, but also any outdoor exercises that will be so much fun to do together whenever you get the chance.

The friendship you have with your pet will cause you to exercise about three times a day, so here are the benefits of the wonderful relationship we encourage you to have!

In closing, we want to tell you a secret – your dog can save your life! Veterinarians have discovered that they have a sixth sense by which they can detect serious diseases that humans can be diagnosed with. The conclusion was drawn following several experiments that demonstrated that animals indicated a certain area of ​​the human body where there was a serious health problem by licking the affected portion or sleeping very close to it.

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