How to bathe a pitbull and make him smell great!

Is it time to bathe your friend? So, in this article, learn how to bathe a pitbull without causing stress to the pet and make this moment pleasant and pleasurable for both of you!

If we are talking about a puppy, the task will be much easier and, with our tips on how to bathe your dog for the first time, you will avoid the traumas that are so common in this procedure.

Bath without trauma

A puppy is open to receiving new stimuli as long as they are placed in a pleasant way. Just have patience and kindness for the bath to enter the list of favorite moments of the baby.

How to bathe a pitbull and make him smell great

So, how soon can you give your dog the first bath? If it is at home, as soon as he gets used to the cleaning procedures that we will talk about below. In a canine aesthetic center, it is best to wait until the end of the multipurpose vaccines. If he really needs it, he should have at least the first dose of vaccines.

First of all, it is necessary to get the puppy used to what will be used for this purpose, especially the dryer, which is noisy and scary! Another important thing is cleaning management. If you’ve never picked him up to clean his ears, doing it all of a sudden won’t work.

Cleaning management tips

From the first days that you have your pet at home, you need to get him used to your touch in the ears, paws and little fingers, eyes, teeth and mouth, and genitals. With that, when you need to do any procedure on it, it will be something routine, which helps in the first bath.

ear management

Cleaning the ears is a practice that every tutor should get used to the dog, as this will be necessary at some point in his life, whether for the treatment of otitis or to remove the excess cerumen that he produces.

So, book a time to do this “class” daily. Put the puppy in a comfortable place, with a treat or a toy for him to distract himself. Always use the same place, this routine is an important step in how to bathe a pit bull.

Take a cotton ball, lift his ear, and rub it gently and quickly in his ear. Make a lot of affection, and that’s it. After a few days, introduce the ear cleaning lotion into the class. Over time, this will become part of the pet’s routine and he will accept being handled with ease.

eye management

The way to introduce this management is the same as for the ear: patience, routine and kindness. The cleaning itself is done with cotton wool and eye cleansing lotion. Pass the cotton from the inside to the outside and use different cotton for each eye.

Handling paws and little toes

This management is very important because this is how the pet will let them cut their nails and clean their paws well. So caprice in snacks and cuddles. Open your little fingers, run your fingers between them, move and give your nails light pulls. These pulls will simulate the feeling of cutting your nails.

Management of teeth and mouth

Nothing replaces the daily brushing of the teeth for the maintenance of the pet’s oral health. Therefore, it is extremely important that he let the tutor brush his teeth, which is also useful in learning how to bathe a pitbull.

Start by lifting your cheeks and running your fingers over your teeth, gently, for a few seconds. Gradually increase the time, then introduce the brush and paste into practice, always with great patience.

genital cleaning

Get your pet used to let you clean his genitals, even after he defecates or urinates. Thus, he is always clean and does not find it strange when you go to bathe and clean this area. It is an excellent strategy how to bathe the dog.

The bath

So, how do bathe a dog at home? The bath itself doesn’t have many secrets. With the recommendations above and the tips below, it will be very easy, since the furry will be used to all this handling.

Best time to shower

If you are wondering what is the best time to bathe your dog, the answer is simple: choose a time of day when he is calmer, for example, after a walk or between 10 am and 2 pm, which are the hottest hours of the day. day.

Products, washing, and drying

Only use veterinary shampoos. Start by brushing the dog to remove dead hair. Then, if you have the skill and knowledge, cut his nails. Do all the cleaning operations.

Wet the pet starting from the paws and go up slowly, leaving the head for last. Shampoo and massage all over the body, producing plenty of lather. Then, rinse well and, if necessary, repeat this process.

Remove excess water with your hands and, with the help of a clean towel, dry it well. Turn the dryer on a little farther and approach it slowly. As with water, start with the legs and work your way up, leaving the head for last, and that’s it! You learned how to bathe a pitbull!

frequency of baths

Never give baths less than seven days apart. The frequency will be established according to the dog’s lifestyle and the tutor’s “nose”. There are tutors who love the smell of the pet, others are very bothered, but the ideal is to do the hygiene every 15, 20 or more days.

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