Traveling with a dog: check out tips for a smooth trip

There are many things that a dog likes to do, one of them is walking. This activity encourages social contact, scent recognition, and playing with other pets, in addition to the tutor. However, when you want to take him to more distant places, many doubts about traveling with a dog can arise.

For example, if you want to travel with a dog by plane, it is necessary to check what the rules are and how to make a smooth trip for the dog.

Tips for traveling with a dog

Regardless of the means of transport chosen, some rules are essential, such as knowing what it takes to travel with a dog. Accessories that collaborate with the furry’s comfort and practicality are essential, such as a water bottle, collar, handkerchief, shovel, and bag for collecting waste, in addition to the feed pot.

Traveling with a dog- check out tips for a smooth trip

A dog carrier should also be considered. After all, in addition to having a corner to relax, it is easier to transport the puppy to other environments.

If your pet is quite fearful, and you are worried about the stress caused by the trip, it is worth consulting a veterinarian. That way, you can get the best tips for traveling with a dog.

Also, if your pet has a health problem, and you want to travel by plane with him, ask for a medical permit so he can go to the passenger cabin. That way, you monitor him and feel more relaxed about your friend’s well-being.

Traveling with a dog by different means of transport

Some trips can be smoother, especially the faster ones. In the case of long trips, the furry may want to play, go to the bathroom, get stressed and even bite objects in the field of vision. For this, some specific rules about traveling with a dog must be considered.

Car trip

Generally, taking the dog to travel by car is more relaxed. That’s because he is surrounded by acquaintances, and there is the possibility of taking breaks for any need.

In this case, to ensure the safety and comfort of your four-legged friend, be sure to get him a seat. This facilitates transport and makes traveling with the pet more peaceful.

If your dog isn’t used to riding in a car, consider taking small walks before traveling. That’s because, if he doesn’t have contact with the vehicle, he can get very scared and agitated, making the trip tiring and even risky for the driver.

So show your pet what it feels like to be in a vehicle, test the dog seat and see how it reacts. As he gets used to it, traveling with a dog by car may become one of the dog’s favorite walks.

Bus trip

Traveling with a dog by bus depends on several factors, since, in the case of private transport, the company itself defines the rules. So, check if your furry can go with you before buying the ticket and choose companies that authorize the trip with the furry.

In the case of public transport, each city sets the rules. Generally, walks are only allowed for small dogs. The times allowed to travel with the pet may also vary. At peak times, between 6:00 am and 10:00 am or 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm, dog transports may not be authorized.

A few days before traveling, it is worth checking the operation of the travel rules on public transport in your city and the place you want to travel to.

Airplane trip

There are many rules for traveling with a dog on an airplane. It is important to be aware of all of them so as not to run the risk of being prevented from taking the furry one.

First, a general check-up is necessary, as the trip can be risky for dogs with heart problems and with serious health problems. If your furry already has the diagnosis, confirm the best way to take him on a trip with a vet. The professional can provide a document that allows him to travel with the tutor.

As a rule, when traveling by bus and plane, only 3 dogs are allowed on board, 1 per customer. In addition, the puppy must be over 4 months old and up to 10 kg, including the weight of the carrier.

To travel in the cabin, you must pay a fee, which varies by airline. Finally, remember not to take the animal out of the crate during the flight or bus journey.

Can a large dog journey by plane?

Most airlines do not allow medium and large dogs to travel in the passenger cabin. Thus, the only alternative to traveling with a dog is to take it in the luggage compartment, that is, in the underside of the aircraft.

See the best way to give your furry peace of mind with a veterinarian. The professional can indicate a medication that relaxes the animal and other alternatives that make this moment less stressful.

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