Why does my dog destroy everything?

You come home, tired after that day when everything seems to have gone wrong and you find the trash scattered all over the house, your dog’s new bed all torn apart, the flower vase in the middle of the room, and your favorite shoe all bitten, lei of Murphy attacking with everything!

We love our dogs a lot, but when these scenes, almost like a movie, happen, it seems like a test of patience, right? You are helpless, not knowing what to do – after all, you just wanted to finally lay down on the couch and catch up on your favorite series episodes.

Why does my dog destroy everything

That’s why we’re going to tell you why your dog is destroying and biting everything! Understanding why your little one is apparently acting like a bulldozer is the first step to solving the problem. Oh, and in the next post, we will explain how to teach your dog not to cause the whole house!

My dog ​​destroys everything, am I exaggerating?

I need to explain to you why this is not a simple problem before we start the trip to understand the cause of these unwanted behaviors. Yes, you can get annoyed when this happens. Although for some people they seem harmless behavior, they can greatly damage your relationship with your dog!

Maas, if you think it’s a natural behavior and that it has nothing to do with you, personally, I promise your head will be a lot lighter! Don’t look at it as your dog’s personal revolt against you.

Why can they be harmful? In addition to obviously spending a lot of time cleaning up all the mess and having to throw away your curtain, favorite shoes, and the flower vase that was the most beautiful piece of decoration in the house, there are also risks to the health and well being of the geek! Imagine the situation where a dog destroys a cell phone for example😱

To his unfortunate surprise, his dog found his cell phone on the living room couch before him. In 10 minutes the device was already “lifeless” and unusable on the living room rug. Just imagine the despair and frustration of this tutor!

It may sound funny, but it’s a very, very serious matter. In cases of destruction of furniture, objects, plants, pets can have major health problems. Some parts can get stuck in an organ, hurt the mouth, some chemicals present in the device can be toxic, as well as several plants can intoxicate our puppies.

And more than that, the relationship between the tutor and the animal is getting more and more difficult. People get resentful and think the dog did it on purpose (the famous myth of guilt). And after that busy day, he ends up getting super frustrated and often, without even realizing it, goes to punishment: screams, points the finger, and so on. “I love my dog, but seriously… why does he need to destroy everything?” – Who never heard this sentence?

Over time, the animal becomes more and more afraid of the person, the relationship becomes more difficult and the mood becomes heavy. Suddenly you, that person who is the most important thing in your pet’s life, start to get angry all the time, you don’t play anymore, and you’re always in a bad mood. The family bond is weakening, which, if you don’t know, is one of the main factors for pet abandonment.

In other words, this is a very serious problem and needs to be worked on in families with pets.

Destroying and biting are normal behaviors

Exploratory behaviors such as sniffing objects and plants, playing, and digging are normal for dogs. Close your eyes and think of a happy dog. closed? Wasn’t he playing, sniffing things, or digging holes? But for us, they are often not legal behaviors, as they destroy our home. After all, the things in the house are in the way of playing, and then it gets complicated.

It is very common, for example, for a dog to destroy the sofa because it is trying to find a toy that is under the cushion. Stepping on flowers and destroying the garden when he was hunting a pet, running, or playing. The dog will bite doors or windows near the fence of a neighbor who has other dogs to mark their territory.

These are normal behaviors, but if they occur too often, they can bring a lot of headaches to the humans in the house. We professionals in the field call it normal but unwanted behaviors. Important: unwanted for us humans, not for animals. For them, it is simply playing and exploration – unfortunately with the toys and in the wrong place.

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