Why Should I Train My Dog?

A very frequent question among families that own dogs is: Why should I train my dog?

Well, you should train your dog because dog training only provides benefits to your family,
as well as making dogs more educated and able to live in society.

Below I have listed some advantages that family training can bring to your dog and to the life of a dog tutor.

Why Should I Train My Dog

Training Your Dog Creates More “Interaction” Between You

Dogs are intelligent animals that love to interact with humans.

Training promotes a very high interaction between the dog and the man, the dog starts to think and pay more attention to what pleases its owner and starts to perform these activities more often.

Especially if the trainer uses positive reinforcement to teach his best friend, the dog certainly understands that learning is a very good thing and brings benefits.

In addition, it is much easier for people to replicate learning with the dog lose by using reinforcements.

Training Your Dog Brings More “Security” To Both Of You

You should train your dog because once your dog is educated, its safety (as well as everyone’s safety) becomes much more guaranteed.

A guard dog that knows the right time to act will not bite anyone when he shouldn’t.

Likewise, a hyperactive dog who knows he can’t run away when he sees the door to his house open will not be run over or lost.

Another example is the walks, a dog that learns to walk the right way, will not drag you through the streets causing you to lose control.

The dog’s safety is also greater, since he knows how to come back when called, when he escapes he will come back to you.

Training Your Dog Makes Him “Smarter”

Believe me, the dog learns to think!

It starts to solve some problems on its own, and as it interacts with you, it becomes less impulsive, smarter, and much more balanced.

As a result, you will have a much healthier relationship.

A great reason to train your dog.

Positive Training Brings Much More “Fun”

In positive training, training dogs is no longer an imposition, but also fun!

The animal learns by playing and having fun, you can observe during its training, displays of joy such as, for example, its tail wagging all the time while learning.

For the tutor who gets involved with his dog, this is the hottest part!

In short, it is much easier for the family to train a happy dog ​​than to force their dog to make it scared and loved.

Training Your Dog Brings More “Discipline”

Don’t think that by talking about positive training it means that the dog only wins and only does what he wants, it’s not quite like that, there is also discipline.

Mainly on the part of the family to have good results, in this way, the dog learns and conditions itself through people!

You will have to be more insistent with your dog when he chooses not to obey in order to properly condition him.

It Also Brings More “Freedom”

Trained dogs are freer and happier and most manage to stay inside the house with the family because they behave very well.

In the same way, they enjoy more walks, interact in a healthy way with other dogs and humans, play more, and are calmer and safer.

As a result, trained dogs receive less scolding and punishment as their family understands more about canine behavior and is able to conduct communication more clearly.

The ideal answer to the question “Why should I train my dog?” is that by providing training to your dog, you and he will have a much better quality of life!

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